Your Brand Seen in More Places

We specialise in Blogger Outreach for the fashion industry: Manual outreach to relevant blogs to improve your traffic and increase sales.

Outreach is time and resource intensive, but it’s a powerful online marketing tool that is an important part of a diversified traffic strategy. Let us manage the tedious outreach process so you can focus your efforts on running your business

Authorities & Influencers in Your Niche

We only negotiate with Google-safe blogs. Our outreach team have developed close relationships with bloggers & websites in fashion related niches. We understand the power of highly targeted & personal communication.

Our team specialises in custom outreach campaigns that build high-quality traffic to your site. Every outreach campaign is fuelled by research, proven tactics, and KPIs designed to meet your needs.

Built to Specification

We perform outreach to your specification. You define the minimum quality metrics you want to see, and we’ll find blogs to match your criteria. We build relationships on blogs that are relevant to your website, brand, and keywords.

Our outreach campaigns are fully customized to meet your needs. Your company, brand, and site are unique, and we tailor our campaigns to deliver personalised results.


We help Ecommerce Stores in the Fashion Industry – cosmetics, jewellery, clothing, etc – connect with relevant blogs to promote their brand and get access to a steady stream of new customers.

Exposure on relevant blogs has a dynamic impact:

  • Building powerful backlinks which increases the amount of organic traffic you’re receiving from Google.
  • Promotion via the bloggers social channels will give you maximum reach to new potential customers
  • Improve your branding when potential clients see hundreds of different bloggers talking about your products, giving your brand more legitimacy in their eyes & keeping you top of mind.


Working with bloggers to create genuine, authentic content to promote a product, brand or service. By reaching out to bloggers already talking to your community, your business benefits from their trust and influence.

Identifying suitable blogs, contacting owners, pricing a campaign, developing a campaign strategy then analysing results takes time. A lot of time. It can also cost you a lot of money, with no return on that investment. We’ll provide you with a campaign strategist to select the ideal influencers, manage the campaign and deliver the results.

There are dozens of ways to partner with bloggers to reach your goals. Your outreach strategist will take your goals and generate a creative and engaging execution.

To See Our Outreach in Action, Check Out Our Latest Case Study


Get EVERYONE talking about your product or brand. By identifying the right influencers, your ideal audience won’t just hear your big news, they’ll hear it from multiple sources. It’ll be discussed everywhere they turn online. They’ll perceive your new product as the next big, must-have thing. These campaigns are the perfect digital echo of your broadcast and print campaigns, only, with better measurement!

For midsized brands, a “Below The Line” approach where hand-picked influencers engage with a laser targeted, loyal audience. By identifying the ideal customer, the ideal message and creating on-point chatter, your brand will be positioned as the only choice for the “tribe”.

The end goal is to uncover bloggers of influence who are a good match for your business and get them talking about you.