​Link building service designed for shopify store owners

We only do one thing: we build links

If you need a lot of powerful links very quickly, we might have what you’re looking for…

Over my 15-year SEO career, I’ve worked with companies like eBay, eTrade, ShopBop, Toyota, UNICEF & Vodafone to name a few.

The last 5 years has seen my focus shift exclusively towards link building and trading as the Link Building Association.

We build links for ​Shopify stores, who need authority ​links each month, while ensuring that quality and safety is maintained.

How do we build so many powerful links each month?

I’m glad you asked…

I’ve developed my own unique strategies for cranking out scores of Google-safe links, which is completely scalable.

Most so-called SEO experts will regurgitate the same tired SEO myths that have been floating around the internet for years:

 “paid links will get you banned from Google”

“only white hat link building works in the long run”

Our link building strategies all revolve around paid linking

Paid links has worked for the past 15 years and paid links continue to work in 20​20.

Each and every week I see firsthand how effective paid links are, Across different niches, different budgets and different countries.

Paid Links are completely safe if built correctly

Most of the misinformation you read about paid links come from people who are either repeating what they’ve read somewhere else or have had a bad experience by cutting corners on fiverr or the warrior forum.

Paid links are not the magic bullet they’re made out to be

You still need to do some leg work if you want to do it safely.

For those interested, I’ve created a new video series where I teach the exact strategies I’ve developed over the past ​7 years as a dedicated link builder.

You can now learn exactly how we build so many links each week and replicate our strategies for your own site.