Video 5 – Brands, Models & People

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5. Brands, Models & People

by Karl Adamsas,  Last updated 

This tutorial focuses on a different way to generate a list of relevant keywords for "The Keyword Footprint".

We've already gone through "The SEMrush Method" to build a list of keywords, and this strategy is going to take a little bit more brainstorming, it's called "Brands, Models & People".

You would use it instead of "The SEMrush Method" and you would use it in conjunction with "The WordPress Method" or "The Comment Method".

We obviously want relevant blogs to post on, and we're going to come up with a list of targeted keywords our ideal bloggers would be writing about, any brands, models or people that are related to your niche.

  • Brands of products
  • Models of specific items within those brands​
  • People who are well-known personalities in that niche

I had a client selling poker chips online


For brands we looked at brick and mortar casinos or online poker sites.

Wikipedia has a list of thousands of casinos, these are just the US ones. It's not hard to find a list of online poker rooms, PokerStars, party poker, BetOnline, Everest Poker. These are all great keywords.


For models we were looking at specific models of poker sets, poker chips, poker tables, etc

We went to a competing eCommerce store that was already selling poker chips, and you can see that all of these different sets of names


And for people we looked at famous poker players, poker personalities, anyone who's won the world series of poker. A quick search in Google, not hard to find a list of famous poker personalities, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan.

Another client we worked on recently was a plumber, which is a bit more difficult than poker chips.


For brands, we looked at white goods: fridges, sinks, toilets.

There are plenty of appliance websites that will list hundreds of different brands. Some of them are too general. Some of them won't have any volume whatsoever, but there's definitely some gold in there.


For models, we were looking a specific model numbers of the different fridges, the toilets, the dishwashers. Any eCommerce store selling white goods will have plenty of model numbers for you to grab.

We left people out because there were no famous plumbers that we could think of for this project.

Although, looking back at this, what we good have done for this category is brainstorm a list of famous handymen - do-it-yourself-ers, personalities from reality TV or YouTube, guys that teach how to fix your drywall, how to fix a broken washing machine, what to do if your toilet's leaking, etc.

So now you have a list of keywords that relevant blogs should be mentioning. You can couple this with "The Comment Strategy" or "The WordPress Method" to build-out your search queries for ScrapeBox.


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