Video 6 – The Monetisation Modifier

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6. The monetisation modifier

by Karl Adamsas,  Last updated 

We're going to look at another Quality Footprint called "The Monetisation Modifier".

 In our last video, we looked at using Brands, Models, & people for "The Keyword Footprint". Now we're going to look at another option for the Quality Footprint.

We're calling this one "The Monetisation Modifier".

The idea behind this strategy is to identify bloggers who are trying to monetise their blogs through affiliate programmes. 

The reasoning is that bloggers who are trying to make money from their blogs might be open to other avenues of monetisation. Things like guest posts or link inclusion. Just because they're not currently offering guest posts doesn't mean they wouldn't consider it if we pitched it to them.

You just use this list as your relevance footprint in ScrapeBox.

  • "This post contains affiliate links"
  • "contain affiliate links"
  • "contains affiliate links"
  • “affiliate disclosure”

This is a common list of footprints that bloggers use to warn their readers that their posts might contain affiliate links.

Not all bloggers are going to take this step, but the ones that do generally have a big enough audience where they need to worry about keeping everything above board and not upsetting their fan base.

So you should know how to do this by now, you just save this lit to your desktop and then import it into ScrapeBox like all the other footprints, and then just start ScrapeBox as you normally would.


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