Video 7 – The ScrapeBox Keyword Tool

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7. The Scrapebox Keyword Tool

by Karl Adamsas,  Last updated 

The ScrapeBox Keyword Tool is a tool inside of ScrapeBox that collects the most popular keywords being searched in Google by scraping up the auto-suggest results for any keyword you give you it.

You'll need to play around with it to get the best results for your specific niche.

Give it a broad keyword and it will scrape up the top 10 search phrases related to your keyword.

You can see here where it pulls it from.

Your ScrapeBox results might look a little bit different than Google's, depending on where you're located and which country you set ScrapeBox to scrape in.

We obviously want a much bigger list, so from here, we'll transfer our results to the left side and then just start the search again.

Now we have 97 unique keywords, probably still not enough.

You just keep transferring your results to the left hand side and the tool will grab each one of those keywords and scrape up all the auto-suggest terms people are searching in Google.

We can export these straight into Scrapebox.

We now have 409 relevant keywords that people are searching for in Google and should trigger relevant blogs.

For a list like this, I would not wrap the keywords in quotes. It's unlikely that these keywords are appearing on blogs exactly as is, but more likely as some sort of a variation. Definitely worth a test though.

From here, you would use either "The WordPress Method", "The Comment Method" or "The Monetisation Modifier" to build out your search queries and start scraping.


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